Who I am

I am a user experience-focused Senior Product Manager, and a Product Owner who has worked with remote engineers to execute solutions.

My early background is in digital marketing so I understand the business imperative of ensuring a digital product is adopted by the right customers.

I love analysing customer feedback and usability metrics and presenting findings to business leaders to influence a product’s strategic plan.

I also like to understand the technical capabilities and constraints of a product so that I can work with lead developers and architects to understand back-end priorities that could impact the user.

I am motivated by creating and developing products that help to make people’s lives a little bit easier.

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What I do

As a Product Manager I:

  • Work with commercial leads, heads of departments and business analysts to identify growth opportunities and strategic needs
  • Work with user experience leads to understand customer profiles, pain points, needs and assumptions
  • Audit existing products for usability issues, confusing user flows, outdated or incorrect content and potential conflicts with the overall business strategy
  • Review and improve information architecture alongside content strategists
  • Take a lead on customer research by designing surveys, running focus groups and usability interviews and setting up/analysing remote testing
  • Maintain a KPI dashboard and communicate insights to wider teams
  • Consistently review and analyse customer feedback, product performance and the competitor landscape to understand how to meet user needs
  • Champion the product vision and roadmap across the business

As a Product Owner I:

  • Embed myself within the engineering team
  • Write small, testable user stories
  • Prioritise the product backlog
  • Maintain an event dictionary and specify product analysis implementation requirements
  • Plan and facilitate all daily stand ups, sprint planning and retrospectives
  • Discuss how tech debt can be prioritised alongside user-facing development
  • Am able to step into the role of Scrum Master in smaller, less established teams
  • Stay ruthlessly organised, ensuring all documentation remains up to date

Health and fitness

I am qualified as a Personal Trainer and a Pilates Instructor. I will soon be offering online fitness and nutrition coaching.